Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"To Be Or Not To Be..."

A New Year's Reality Check

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully your head-ache induced from last night is fading off, and now we can begin to bring your business to full force into 2008.

Oh wait.... ah yea... you may wish you were still in the blissful New Year's Eve proviso after you answer these questions that maybe puzzling or impeding business plans.

Roy Williams, a columnist from Entrepreneur Magazine enjoins some phrases you may have uttered and I had the itch to piggy back on them due to their potency... no one wants to see their baby (ie. Biz.) die.

1."Our only problem is traffic."
2."That's not our customer."
3."Our advertising is reaching the wrong people."
4."I don't worry about what the competition is doing; I only worry about what we're doing."
5."There's enough business out there for all of us."
6."We can't compete with the internet."
7."Our secret is our people. No one provides as warm a customer experience as we do."
First off, there have been times when I have been guilty of verbalizing these phrases, (I'm human after all), but where some biz. owners falter is that they are not quick to begin making changes. It comes down to denial. Anyways, let's look at the positives here: the fact you have the mindset to possibly admit to these phrases tells you you want to be successful and now we can ambush the problems and develop remedies to see the greater gains. Don't know how yet? No worries. If the subject is still a little sensitive, keep your confessions in your noggin, but I strongly advise you to begin to act on them ASAP. I bet you competitors aren't pausing...

I've kept this short for a reason. If you have emitted this phrases, give them some great thought about why, then let's see how we can redress and emend the state of affairs.

I would read Mr. William's article for a little more detail.
"Famous Last Words"


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