Sunday, January 27, 2008

Enough Phone Lines?

Does your business have the correct number of talk paths?

I realized I have veered away from the telecommunications sector and want to discuss some topics in this ever-changing field. We're starting off with the VERY basics here:

Do your clients ever complain of busy signals? (Which results in lost sales) Has your call volume increased and you have not really adapted your business communications? This entry is aimed at helping a business owner always have the most efficient number of phone lines at his disposable. After reading this, one should be able to discover if have the correct quantity, do not have enough, or even, he may have too many.

First off, we need to have this data on hand: 1) How many employees make phone calls, not the total number of employees. If we have 10 employees in the office and 10 out in the field, we do not need 20 total lines. 2) What is the typical number simultaneous phone conversations taking place at once? We'll say 7. 3) How many fax / DSL lines? We'll say 2. 4) What other ways are phone lines utilized? (conferencing etc) (2)

Every employee does not require their own phone line, unless of course, every employee will be on the phone at the exact same time. This is where the simultaneous phone conversations take place. If you believe only 7 of the 10 employees will ever be on the phone at once, you only need 7 phone lines. Then, we add the fax lines (2). The DSL runs in already on one of the voice lines, so it does not need its own line. Finally, if you require conference calls (2), or connect calls to different departments, you will need more lines. So, a total of 11 lines.

If the business requires over 15 lines / simultaneous talk paths, a dedicated circuit is more cost-effective and we will discuss that at a later date.

Overall, be pro-active with your telecommunications. TALK and work very closely with your telecommunications consultant/rep. If you do not know yours or always snub them off, you are only hurting yourself. Most of the time, they know the newest trends and solutions for your business. I love working along my clients every step of the way. They speak with me about what they are trying to do, and I bring forth complete solutions. Business communications are an investment, work with someone who strives to make them the best possible.


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