Thursday, August 28, 2008

The GURU is still alive

To my readers, I have been recently promoted at work. As a result, I have been ramping myself up for my new position and that is why my posts have stopped.

I'll be back soon!

~the GURU

Saturday, August 9, 2008

How Mobile is Your Business?

Business owners include a “no Strings attached” communications solution

Let's be honest.... Receiving information in real time creates a lean, agile, always in the loop work-force

The Wireless Revolution (WR) is upon us and it allowing businesses to do more than ever. Workers are no longer constrained to conducting business in the office or at their client’s locale. Wireless technology allows business owners to always be “in the office.”

The benefits are infinite and the we’re on the cusp of the tremendous changes in the telecommunications industry. While there will still be critical land line based services, the more basic services are going wireless because the “office” is going mobile.

Whether you Need:
*track where truck fleets are going (especially with gas prices, “side stops” are even more costly)
*need air cards for internet anytime anywhere
*Push to Talk Phones,

Wireless providers will have a solution for you. Have you discussed recently with your wireless contacts/account managers about how you currently utilize mobility and if you do not have a solution, thought about developing one?
Business Owners are always running around, mobility is a person’s RSS Feed to their business.

There are awesome ways to craft a solution that creates an even more effective business model and reduce costs.

I will say AT&T has a great website that explains some of the applications available. For the curious business owners, AT&T’s site, Mosey on over and get a taste of all the things that can be provided your business.

Special Points of Interest:
*Wireless Capabilities
*Wireless Lap-Top Solutions
*Wireless Connectivity
*Email / Messaging
*Push to Talk Technology
*Real Time Inventories to Sales People in the field
*Access corporate & ISP email, calendar, & address book
*Certified enterprise solutions
*Custom business applications
*Flexibility & Time Savings
*Built for 3G network
*Robust network & security
*Blackberries, “Push to Talk”
*Lap Top Air cards

~the GURU

Monday, August 4, 2008

Travel Expenses: Hit Smart Businesses HARD

Tele & Video Conferencing: Very Productive for B2B Communications

The days of cheap travel are pretty much in the past. While businesses still need mobile workforces, controlling costs when it comes to travel is an exponentially growing concern for companies. As the cost increases, finding alternatives may well differentiate a good business from a great business.

Enter tele & video conferencing solutions.

We have meetings all day, everyday, and ease-of-use and accessibility are key.

Why Video-conferencing?
*Want “Face to Face” meetings — business is personal
*Show presentations aside from Power Point
*Safer than travel
*Geography is irrelevant
*Impromptu meetings — no delay
*Record meetings and save for later uses
*Ease of Use
*Major cost reduction
*Less “windshield” time
*Save space: No need for classrooms.
*Distance is NEVER an excuse now.

“If fuel goes any higher, nobody will be flying -- it really and truly is scary. We're just going to have to come up with something else."
--Colleen Barrett, president of Southwest Airlines

Who said business cannot be face to face? Video Conference is almost as personal as F2F

Key Points
Reduce Travel Expenses
Geography is irrelevant
Save Space Save Time
Flexibility & Time Savings
Have a ‘War Room”
Conferences on PC or Meeting Rooms
Safer alternative than typical transportation

~the GURU