Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Price Is Right.. Come on Down! North Carolina

Tax credits, 3.7 billion dollars in incentives over the past three years, beautiful weather/landscapes, great people, and great business opportunities, and so much more. What's not to like?

North Carolina is continuing to progress itself forward in bringing more business to its cities. As Senator David Hoyle says, "That's a lot of money." While the findings/results of the studies are still somewhat unclear about the success of the programs and cost-benefits, we need to realize that if Dell and Google have taken advantage of it, it probably means its good for businesses.

While Sen. Hoyle and others are doubting the great benefits and trying to quantify everything to the T, let's not waste anytime and move or open-up your business in good 'ole North Carolina.

There is "no value unless a company acts."

Here is the North Carolina Department of Commerce Website
Here is the Charlotte, NC Chamber of Commerce Website

Tell them I sent you.

Then, call me.

Link: http://www.charlotte.com/business/story/403306.html
article written by Jonathan B. Cox


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