Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Bitter Reality of Trusting Small Providers..

Taken from a Boston Globe article today, titled, "Thousands cut off from Web as firm consolidates" (link:

In summary, "Navisite Inc. has cut off Internet service to thousands of individuals and small businesses across the country for nearly a week." "It's mind-boggling that a company can be so ill-prepared about such a huge undertaking," said Donald Brichta, a partner in Anadon Communications, a small website provider in Sharon (MA), whose half-dozen customers finally got back online yesterday. "If I ran my business that way, I'd be out of business tomorrow."

To ask you straight up, what would happen if this happened to your business? E-commerce is a major strategic strategy in business success in this day and age and is only becoming more prominent. Not simply reaching customers in another medium, but also in trying to reduce costs and develop new infrastructures.

My company's robust network designs, technicians, and overall strategic decisions never put the small business owners in harm's way. We understand that even a couple hours of missed business can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in sale losses.

For example, a client that relies almost entirely on internet orders and access; the internet is their life line. If they were to lose service, they would be dead in the water.

A numeric example, let us say that each order received is worth $100. Let's be extremely conservative and say you miss 7 orders. That is $700 a day. Multiply that by 7 days a week - $4900. The cost benefit of investing in the non-bargain basement pricing of my company far outweighs itself.

We proactively monitors our networks 24/7/365. We see problems and rectify them most of the time without the customer even knowing about it and if we do suffer apparent set-backs, we have industry leading service level agreements. Even if we encounter a major issue, our redundant networks allow our customers to have traffic re-routed most of the time in minutes, if not seconds. We are here for you. I have the mentality, you get what you pay for. Nothing cheap comes with great quality.

I, for one, would never trust my baby (ie my business) with a provider that cannot handle the work load and plans so poorly for such huge undertakings.

So, the next time you think your telecommunications is costing you too high of a price, remember, you INVEST in the service that keeps you up 99.99% of the time. And, if you have a problem, you call me directly and I get our service technicians working on the problems immediately.

~ The GURU

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