Friday, November 9, 2007

Report on Carolina's Top 100 Companies....... [Your Name HERE..]

The Carolinas 100:Manufacturing still matters
Key sector has shed tons of jobs in N.C., but the industry is transforming into a lean, skilled force

As I spend my Friday evening reflecting on the past week's occurrences, this article strikes a chord with me. Even though the article speaks heavily about manufacturing, you and I can change that demographic. It won't happen overnight, but we can. Therefore, I ask you three simple questions:

1) Are you on this list?
2) Why / Why not?
3) Do you desire to?

All these top businesses most likely were created in the musty basement of a dreamer. Someone who wanted to bring their ideas to life and create an entity that made a difference in the world. Whether you have been in business for a couple months or for a couple decades and have not seen the gains you yearn for, read on and see how you can begin to achieve what you wanted when you first stubbed your toe on the table corner or slipped in the shower and the business idea popped into your mind.

Repeat these words over and over again, "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE", "NOTHING IS FAR-FETCHED".

At first, everything may seem overwhelming, but you need to take it a step at a time. Don't worry about all the financially details. Those will come.

Getting Off the Ground
1) Passion
You first have to zero-in on your passion. It is your passion that drives your success. Your passion shows through when you are in the meeting with investors. By simply being excited about your dream and having sound models and plans, you can rope in the capital soon enough, but it all starts first with an idea. It is not going to spring up over night. These are NOT weeds, but delicate flowers that, if properly and finely raised blossom into some of the most beautiful and extravagant things.

2) Goals
You have to set them for yourself. It cannot simply be: "I want to sell a few of my products/ services. You need to have QUANTIFIABLE and MEASURABLE check points. Write them down. Hold them close.

3) Looking Forward
There will be steps backwards and falters, but take them as learning experiences. Ask yourself, "How can I transform this set back into an opportunity?" If you can do that, you will NEVER suffer any loss.

Ask yourself, "How can I make this set back into an opportunity?"

You never, ever, EVER, know when an idea will strike. The idea to start making a blog for my customers popped into my head one night and I didn't sleep for the next week because my mind was overflowing with ideas and I had to write them all down.

I didn't sleep for the next mind was overflowing with ideas"

Thus far we have started to uncover the initial processes one should begin to consider. If you noticed, a lot of what I spoke about deals with mental strength and fortitude. Know in your mind that you can do whatever you want and have so many resources at your finger tips. Your greatest limiter is most likely yourself, but your greater success tool is yourself.

Go out, dream it, and let's you and me start to make it a reality!

In efforts to keep this entry from being screen after screen, I will end it here and continue it in a couple days. In the next entry, we will discuss customers, target markets, and understand the grand scheme of small business dreams.


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