Friday, February 22, 2008

What's Your Company's "5 O'Clock Shadow"?

Not even a Gillette Fusion can prevent it....

This is a two part entry. First, I need you all to take a couple days and think about your business. Hopefully, you know what you do well and what your SCA (sustainable competitive advantage) is and you are taking full advantage of it. As a result, your reaping the benefits of doing something better than your competitors, but how long do you think your SCA will last? Think about it?

Is it with your people?

Your software?

Your location?

First Mover Advantage?

Market Niche? Etc etc.

However, the businesses that truly know what they excel at spend more time focusing on what they need to work on / could do better or, as some say, fix "the hole in the bucket." Where are you efforts not holding water or not doing as well as you hope?

Business practices seem to be great early, but as the days/months go on, the shadow starts to emerge and your business is not as smooth anymore... What begins to itch? While the rugged look may look great on mountain men, they are not your business.

Please take a couple days and think about it. Be honest with yourself. This will help identify your next steps... Stay tuned.


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