Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Essay for a House?

Forget trying to earn the "A", earn the house!

As it seems every article we read, every news anchor's lead story, and every real estate agent's whine, the housing market is awful. People are not buying homes because they cannot sell the one's they currently reside in, it's expensive, or, they do not want to move into a cookie-cutter dwelling.

Thus, if you're supposed to be moving because of your job, need to escape your current locale, or your kid is so devastated by a school incident (getting pant'ds), you cannot, you are stuck. What are you to do? Your boss needs you on the other side of the country, the air in your area is causing you to choke, and your kid is no longer acknowledging you in public.

Have you considered what J.J. Rodgers has done? Her mindset after three tedious years of trying to sell a home in Colorado is of a "mix-it-up" approach.

"We don't have anything to lose," Rodgers, 45, said. "If we're unsuccessful, at
least we did something different from what we've already tried."

Rodgers strikes a very good point. Now, first off, if things were bad for a couple months, I would not totally agree with this mindset, but after three years of no-such-luck, this is great. "If we're unsuccessful, at least we did something different.." While Rodgers is not in the real estate business, her next move was something successful business owners embrace, making lemonade out of lemons.

I mean, with statistics like these:

The glut has battered sales volume and prices. Sales of existing homes dropped
to the slowest pace on record in January, with the median price sliding to
$201,100. New home sales in January also fell to the slowest rate in nearly 13
years and the median price tumbled to the lowest level in more than three years.

What is someone to do who wants to be successful? Dwell in pity and blame everyone else? Heck no, they do something so crazy that it just might work. I mean, instead of tearing away from a loaf of bread, someone decided to slice it up!

As I would simply love to dive into my opinions of the housing industry. *Quick Glimpse* Basically, building ugly, cheap, waste of resource, cookie-cutter homes is ruining the industry and desensitizing our tastes in homes. I am originally from New England and growing up with colonial inspired homes is amazing. Meanwhile, my current neck of the woods has cheap homes popping up everywhere.

Anyways, sorry for my tangent, back to the main point of my entry; breaking free of the norm when things are not working and taking a different/abstract approach to doing business. Heck, if I were not so busy working right now, I would write an essay myself and win my first summer-home for cycling/fishing/camping.

All in all, it is ideas like these that should inspire business owners in times of trouble or despair to try something new/bring attention to themselves. It may just be crazy enough to work...


(Happy Easter)

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